CNN’s Don Lemon lists all the facts in Trump’s Ukraine scandal one must ignore to buy the GOP defense
CNN anchor Don Lemon (screengrab)

CNN's Don Lemon on Thursday listed all of the evidence one would have to ignore to believe the Republican defense of President Donald Trump.

The CNN anchor listed the "transcript of the president's infamous July 25th Ukraine call" as one piece of evidence that would have to be ignored.

He also listed the sworn testimony of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. And the "bombshell" testimony from Ambassador Bill Taylor and the text messages between Taylor and Ambassador Gordon Sondland.

The necessity of there not just being an investigation of the Biden family, but an announcement of an investigation, is another inconvenient fact that would have to be ignored, he explained.

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney's public confession in the White House briefing room would also have to be ignored, he added.

"So, to believe otherwise, you’d have to ignore just about everything. All of the facts that we have learned so far in this case," Lemon noted.

"Keep your eye on the ball. Do not let your eyes go with the shiny object," the CNN anchor counseled.