Dem senators slap Trump with a FOIA request for info on plan to use Bill Barr to exonerate him
(Photo by: Shane T. McCoy/U.S. Marshals)

According to a report from Axios, Democratic Senators Kamala Harris, Richard Blumenthal and Sheldon Whitehouse have filed an FOIA request for documents and communications pertaining to Donald Trump's attempts to get Attorney General Bill Barr to clear him of wrongdoing in his Ukraine quid pro quo demand.

In a letter sent to the Justice Department, the senators wrote: "These reports raise serious concerns about the president’s perception of the Justice Department as a partisan political instrument and his willingness to use the power of federal law enforcement in pursuit of his own objectives."

According to Axios, "The senators are requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This is the second time these senators made a FOIA request for Trump-Ukraine information in less than three weeks."

The senators are also using Trump's tweets against him in their demand, writing, "“If President Trump’s passionate assertion that such reports are ‘pure fiction’ and ‘Fake News’ is indeed correct, then the Department of Justice should have no problem in expeditiously processing our request. Accordingly, we seek expedited treatment of our request for the following records.”

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