Democrats demanding impeachment should be the least of Trump's worries: Ex-Clinton official
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Appearing on MSNBC with Alex Witt, former Hillary Clinton adviser Philippe Reines said new polling is showing an increased interest by the public to see Donald Trump impeached, and that the president should be very concerned with the voters who put him over the top in 2016 turning on him.

Appearing with GOP consultant Shermichael Singleton, Reines noted that independents were willing to give the New York businessman a shot in 2016 -- but can't be happy with what the end result after voting for Trump.

Talking about how voters -- particularly independents -- reacted in 2016, Reines asked, "Who the hell are these people? It's understandable who they were in 2016. He [Trump] won independents 46 to 43, maybe they believed what he was saying, maybe wanted to believe because they didn't like his competitor.''

"They now have, going on a three-year record," he continued. "Trump himself said, 'What do you have to lose?' and we now have a record of what we had to lose. In simple terms we have lost our country."

"The thing that should scare him, which is exactly what Shermichael said, it's not the Democratic numbers that are changing on impeachment," he continued, "Democrats have been upwards on 90 percent from the beginning. It's independents, it's young people, it's people that skewed his way and put him in office, and those are the exact people who are leaning towards impeachment and his removal."

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