Devin Nunes 'needs a hug': Impeachment viewers ridicule Republicans as their witnesses' testimony backfires
Devin Nunes speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Reps. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Micahel Turner (R-OH) complained in the open House Intelligence Committee Tuesday that the hearings were going longer and Democrats were adding time to the 45 minutes they'd reserved for each side to question witnesses.

In past hearings run by Republicans, the questioning was cut significantly short, where Democrats are allowing for as many minutes as needed for both sides. It's unknown why Nunes was so concerned about the time, he claimed that people were turning off their televisions, which is contrary to what has been reported about the ratings for the hearings, which have doubled.

The complaints earned significant mockery from interview viewers watching the hearings, questioning what Nunes has scheduled that he would otherwise be doing.

You can see the mockery below: