DOJ report clears FBI’s Russia probe of any anti-Trump political bias

Despite President Donald Trump ordering the Dept. of Justice to investigate the FBI amid false far right wing conspiracy theories the president himself has spread, the DOJ's inspector general will issue a report clearing the Bureau's Russia probe of any anti-Trump political bias.

The several-hundred page report will find that the investigation into Russia's attack on the U.S. 2016 election and into the actions of Donald Trump and his associates was "legally and factually justified," The Washington Post reports.

"In broad terms, the report refutes accusations of a political conspiracy by senior law enforcement officials against the Trump campaign to favor Democrat Hillary Clinton, while also knocking the bureau for procedural shortcomings," according to the Post.

The report, due to be made public December 9, will find that the FBI did its job without politicizing its work. That will be a hard pill for the president and his supporters to swallow, but the DOJ watchdog has a tidbit to calm their appetite.

The report, according to the Post, will reveal that "a low-level FBI lawyer ... altered an email to the Justice Department as part of the process for renewing the FISA warrant" against former Trump campaign foreign policy aide Carter Page.

That reportedly does not change the valid basis for the FISA warrant.

That FBI employee reportedly has been "removed" from the Bureau and is under criminal investigation.

The inspector general also "identified a number of problems in the bureau’s process for handling FISA applications, including in how it forwards material to the National Security Division for review, the officials said."

Ultimately, the conspiracy theories of President Trump and his supporters are conspiracy theories. The report will not offer them much fodder.