Eric Swalwell debunks Elise Stefanik's entire defense of Trump in just 15 seconds
Eric Swalwell -- screencap

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) on Tuesday quickly took apart Rep. Elise Stefanik's (R-NY) defense of President Donald Trump during public impeachment hearings.

While questioning Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Stefanik made a point of emphasizing delivering military aid to Ukraine requires ensuring that the country is working to root out corruption.

"You testified that you understood that Congress had passed, under the Ukrainian Security Assistance Initiative, a legal obligation to certify that corruption is being addressed?" she asked Vindman.

"That is correct," he replied.

"So for the public listening, we are not just talking about President Trump focusing on anti-corruption in Ukraine," she said. "But it is so critical, so important that when hard-earned taxpayer dollars are given to foreign nations that, by law, overwhelmingly bipartisan support requires anti-corruption in Ukraine in order to get U.S. taxpayer-funded aid."

After Stefanik finished her questioning, Swalwell began by asking Vindman a simple question that directly undermined Stefanik's argument.

"Isn't it true that the Department of Defense had certified that the anti-corruption requirements of Ukraine had been met when the hold was put on by the president?" Swalwell asked.

"That is correct," he replied.

Watch the video below.