Ex-NSC official accuses Sondland of working to promote Trump's interests: 'His mandate from the president was to go make deals'
Rick Perry, Gordon Sondland -- via YouTube

According to a report from the Washington Post, a former White House national security aide told House investigators that Gordon Sondland was instructed to "go make deals" by Donald Trump in the diplomat's capacity as ambassador to the European Union.

In closed-door testimony, Tim Morrison, the top Russia and Europe adviser on the National Security Council, told House investigators that Sondland was in constant contact with the president.

The post reports Sondland, "testified that between July 16 and Sept. 11, he understood that Sondland had spoken to Trump about half a dozen times, according to a transcript of his sworn Oct. 31 deposition released by House committees Saturday."

Additionally, Morrison stated, “His [Sondland's] mandate from the president was to go make deals.”

"According to Morrison, who spoke to Sondland directly after his conversation with [top aide to Zelensky, Andriy] Yermak, Sondland 'told me that in his — that what he communicated was that he believed the — what could help them move the aid was if the prosecutor general would go to the mic and announce that he was opening the Burisma investigation.'”

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