FBI official facing criminal investigation for allegedly altering surveillance document in Russia probe: report
Former Trump campaign foreign policy aide Carter Page (image via screengrab).

On Thursday, CNN reported that John Durham, the U.S. Attorney tasked by Attorney General William Barr to investigate the origins of the 2016 Russia probe, has opened a criminal investigation into an FBI official accused of altering a document pertaining to the original surveillance efforts.

It is unclear how the document was altered, or whether it played any significance in the FBI's efforts to obtain warrants to surveil members of the Donald Trump's presidential campaign, including adviser Carter Page.

This incident is expected to be one of the findings revealed by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who will be releasing his own report on the Russia investigation in December.

Trump has long asserted that the Russia investigation was a "witch hunt" and asserted misconduct in the probe, which as of yet has not been proven.