Former Obama officials torch Trump's press secretary for 'bald-faced lie' about leaving mean notes
White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham (Screen cap).

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham on Tuesday told a tall tale about Obama officials -- and now many of them are calling her out for it.

While talking to reporters, Grisham alleged that Obama staffers in January 2017 left notes that read, "You will fail" for Trump officials.

The story immediately raised suspicions among reporters who were skeptical that such notes would have remained a secret for nearly three years, especially given how leak-prone the Trump White House has been.

Multiple former Obama administration officials subsequently took to Twitter to attack Grisham for telling what they described as a flat-out lie.

"This is another bald faced lie," wrote former national security Susan Rice.

"This is an outrageous lie," wrote Jon Wolfsthal, a former senior director of the National Security Council. "I know. I handed over the nuclear office at the NSC. Shameless and disgusting."

"100% false," added former White House Communications Director Liz Allen. "I left a note wishing them good luck serving the American people and offering to be a resource."

And former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau chimed in to express disappointment at the relative lack of creativity involved in Grisham's falsehood.

"It's appalling that she thinks our notes would have been that lame," he joked.

Check out all the Obama administration officials' tweets below.