Gold Star father rips 'disgusting' Donald Trump Jr. for comparing his life to son now interred in Arlington Cemetery
Don Trump Jr- screenshot

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon, Gold Star father Khizr Khan expressed disgust with Donald Trump Jr. over an excerpt in his book where he claimed the Trump family had sacrificed as much as military members who died in combat and are interred in Arlington Cemetery.

Khan, whose son Humayun was killed at age 27 in Iraq as a U.S. soldier while protecting his men from suicide bombers, has been a frequent critic of the president and reacted strongly to the president's son attempting to portray himself in a heroic light.

"What does it say to you when somebody says they visited and seen those graves there at Arlington then talks about their business sacrifice especially for you, who has a son that's buried there?" host Kendis Gibson asked.

"It's disgusting," Khan stated. "It's shameful, but we don't expect any better from Donald Trump or Donald Trump Jr. because they have sacrificed nothing. They have gained from holding the office, the highest office."

"And I say this to those who stand beside, stand as an enabler of Donald Trump, that history is being written," he continued. "You could be on the side of this demagogue in the White House or on the side of the Constitution, rule of law and our separation of power and supremacy and duty, the constitutional duty of Congress -- so they have no idea what service to this nation is."

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