'Hard to wrap our brains around' how corrupt Trump's Ukraine policy was: former Whitewater attorney
Kim Wehle appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Kimberly Wehle, a former associate independent counselor for Whitewater special prosecutor Ken Starr, told CNN on Monday that she's having a hard time coming to terms with the massive corruption at the heart of President Donald Trump's Ukraine scandal.

In particular, Wehle said she was shocked by the extent to which Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani was allowed to shape American policy toward Ukraine despite not being a government employee.

"We're talking about career public officials, public servants that spend their lives serving the government, versus a private lawyer who is not actually a government employee, he doesn't take an oath of office, he's not bound by the rules and regulations and limitations to ensure that government officials actually act with integrity," she said. "[He's] basically jumping in from the side and starting a separate foreign policy, it's hard to wrap our brains around how that possibly could be one that benefits the American public."

Fellow panelist A.B. Stoddard then said that Democrats have made a mistake by not doing more to highlight Giuliani's role, as he seems to be the glue that holds the entire corrupt enterprise together.

"These transcripts are going to make clear to the public, in more detail for the first time, just how deep into this government Rudy Giuliani's tentacles went at the direction of President Trump," she said.

Watch the video below.