'He's a Wimp': MSNBC panel ridicules 'big coward' Trump for leaving New York City
Donald Trump greets supporters and tourists at the Trump Tower on July 22, 2015 in New York City

President Donald Trump announced this week that he was officially moving to Florida from New York City, and some are speculating it has more to do with a preemptive strike against litigation than it does with taxes.

When appearing on MSNBC's "Kasie DC," Former New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn ridiculed Trump as a "coward" and a "wimp" for fleeing from a state intent on demanding accountability for Trump's business practices.

"You know what? He pretends to be a bully. He's a big coward," Quinn said. "He ran out of New York because he's afraid we're going to get him on his taxes, that the law that the state senate are passing and others are passing around capturing candidates' taxes and the governor and the great Attorney General Letitia James, that we're going to get his taxes and we can still get it for the time that he lived here."

Substitute host Ayman Mohyeldin clarified, asking if she thinks it's all a political calculation or for the weather.

"He's a wimp!" Quinn continued. "And he went running because the people he was attacking, like Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo (D-NY), are smarter, faster, better than him. And he couldn't stand the heat. He was born here but, let's be clear, he has never been a real New Yorker we saw that when he weaseled his way out of town on Thursday."

Mohyeldin moved on to ask Mike Barnicle what he makes of Trump's claim that New York is a corrupt city.

Quinn cut in to exclaim, "Can you imagine that man calling someone corrupt?!"

Watch the full panel below: