'It's not working': Ari Fleischer baffled by House GOP questions in impeachment inquiry
Ari Fleischer appears on Fox News (screen grab)

George W. Bush's former press secretary Ari Fleischer was mystified by the questions House Republicans posed to the first two public impeachment inquiry witnesses.

GOP lawmakers tasked Stephen Castor with questioning Bill Taylor, the acting ambassador to Ukraine, and George Kent, a State Department deputy who covers Ukraine, and the staunch Republican Fleischer wasn't impressed.

"Whatever the GOP counsel is doing, it's not working," Fleischer tweeted. "I don't undertand where he's going."

Taylor and Kent told lawmakers that Trump and his associates set up a separate diplomatic channel that appeared to be aimed at pressuring Ukraine to assist the president's re-election campaign, but Castor's questions focused on establishing a conspiracy theory the witnesses had already debunked.