Lindsey Graham is ‘about to go down’ — because Trump has something on him: Joe Biden
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on MSNBC (screengrab)

In a CNN interview with Don Lemon, former Vice President Joe Biden predicted that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is clearly compromised by something or someone that is prompting his behavior.

"Let me ask you. because Lindsey Graham now, who you've worked with, who was a friend," Lemon began his questions. "I know this, video of him saying, 'oh, you are the nicest person he's ever met. You're the greatest man.' 'And now asking the State Department for documents for you and your son. What do you say to Lindsey Graham and folks like him?"

Biden explained that Graham is clearly being controlled by someone else.

"They're asking Lindsey Graham -- they have him under their thumb right now," Biden said. "They know he knows if he comes out against [President Donald] Trump he's got a real tough road for re-election. Number one. I am disappointed, and quite frankly I'm angered by the fact that he knows me. He knows my son. He knows there's nothing to this. Trump is now essentially holding power over him that even the Ukrainians wouldn't yield to."

Biden explained that even Ukraine said that they didn't want to investigate the Bidens over the conspiracy theories and that "there's nothing to investigate."

"And Lindsey is about to go down in a way I think he's going to regret his whole life," Biden said.

When asked about former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's accusations that Biden can't carry the campaign over the finish line, Biden responded simply, "Watch me."

Watch in the video below: