Meltdown: After watching impeachment hearing Trump lashes out at Dems and media as 'sick' days after hospital visit
Donald Trump speaks at Economic Club of New York (C-SPAN/screen grab)

President Donald Trump admitted he was watching portions of Tuesday's impeachment hearings, and at a Cabinet meeting in front of reporters and cameras he lashed out at Democrats and the media for questioning his health.

"These people are sick. They're sick," Trump said, just days after being ushered to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for an unscheduled visit. "And the press really in this country is dangerous. We don't have freedom of the press in this country. We have the opposite. We have a very corrupt media."

"I hope they can get their act straightened out, because it's very, very bad, and very, very dangerous for our country," the president concluded. "Go ahead, please. Go," Trump ordered, telling reporters to leave.

A White House official then yelled at reporters to get out. Watch the president's face:

It's unclear why President Trump repeatedly claims, "We don't have freedom of the press in this country."

Minutes earlier Trump called the House's impeachment investigation "a little kangaroo court, headed by little Shifty Schiff," referring to House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff. "We don't have lawyers, we don't have witnesses, we don't have anything – and yet I just got to watch, and the Republicans are killing it, because it's a – it's a scam. A big scam. They're doing something that the Founders never thought possible and the Founders didn't want.