MSNBC’s Morning Joe says GOP support for Trump softer than it looks: ‘They’re counting the days until he leaves office’

Following an epic rant by "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough on spineless Republican lawmakers who allow themselves to be abused by President Donald Trump - and then proceeded to suck up to him afterward -- the MSNBC host confided that most Republicans he speaks to can't wait for Trump to be out of their lives.

During the panel discussion that encompassed the way that the president has treated Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Scarborough expressed disgust with the lawmakers who he says secretly hate Trump.

"Every Republican I've spoken with behind the scenes, they just shake their head," the MSNBC host explained. "They are literally counting the days until Donald Trump leaves office."

"If they could turn off the lights in the Senate when they vote to convict, they would all vote to convict him," he continued. "They would take Mike Pence as president in a second."

Watch below: