Prosecutors’ subpoenas suggest investigation into Giuliani could include money laundering — and conspiracy
Rudy Giuliani, photo by Gage Skidmore.

Federal prosecutors have issued subpoenas to individuals tied to Rudy Giuliani, suggesting the criminal investigation into the president's personal attorney could include his consulting business and a wide variety of possible crimes. Among them, money laundering, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to defraud the United States, making false statements to the federal government, and campaign-finance violations, according to reports from The Wall Street Journal and The Hill.

The federal subpoenas are also seeking information into a company co-founded by a recently-arrested associate of Giuliani's, Lev Parnas. Parnas allegedly worked with Giuliani to dig up or manufacture false evidence against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, in Ukraine.

Giuliani's financial dealings have also reportedly been under investigation for months.

Giuliani issued a response the the Wall Street Journal, suggesting that the federal government, headed by his client, President Donald Trump, is attempting to discredit him for the work he did for Trump and his re-election campaign.

"There’s obviously a concerted effort to spread as many lies about me as possible, to destroy my reputation so that I’m not credible when I continue to reveal all of the massive evidence of criminality by the Bidens,” Giuliani said. To this day there has not been a single piece of evidence that offers proof of criminality by either the former vice president or his son, Hunter Biden.