READ IT: Fiona Hill thumps GOP lawmakers for pushing Russian propaganda against Ukraine in scathing opening statement
Fiona Hill leaves the US Capitol on 4 November 2019. Photograph: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

Fiona Hill went after Republican lawmakers who are pushing conspiracy theories about Ukraine that let Russia off the hook for 2016 election interference.

President Donald Trump's former top adviser on Europe and Russia will appear Thursday in the fifth day of public impeachment testimony, and her opening statement will scold GOP lawmakers for accepting the "fictional narrative" that Ukraine somehow interfered in the last presidential election.

"Based on statements and questions I have heard, some of you on this committee appear to believe that Russia and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country," Hill will say in her opening statement, "and that perhaps, somehow, for some reason, Ukraine did."

"This is a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by Russian security services themselves," she will say.