Republicans' own witness ended up sounding 'like a character witness for Joe Biden': CNN analyst
(US Embassy Kyiv Ukraine)

On Tuesday, House Republicans called Ambassador Kurt Volker to testify in the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Volker was hoped by the GOP to be a star witness in favor of President Donald Trump, because — despite problems with his testimony — he has asserted that he did not view Rudy Giuliani's involvement in foreign policy to be improper.

But as CNN's Gloria Borger pointed out on "The Situation Room," Volker was a less than ideal witness in many respects — not least because he testified that he disagrees with Trump's conspiracy theory surrounding former Vice President Joe Biden and his son's work for a gas company in Ukraine.

"As for Rudy Giuliani, it was clear from listening to Mr. Volker, who dealt with Rudy Giuliani quite frequently, that Volker said a couple of things," said Borger. "One is, he sounded like a character witness for Joe Biden. That he told — that he told Giuliani, you're barking up the wrong tree here with these conspiracy theories."

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