Roger Stone's entire defense strategy seems to be hoping Trump will pardon him: national security lawyer
Roger Stone (Screen cap).

Trump ally Roger Stone is on trial this week on charges of perjury, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice -- and one national security attorney is baffled at how he's trying to defend himself.

Attorney Bradley Moss wrote on Twitter Tuesday that he simply doesn't see how Stone hopes to beat the charges laid out against him, as he so far hasn't had any serious rebuttal to his documented efforts to pressure witness Randy Credico to commit perjury.

"I seriously do not understand Roger Stone's defense strategy," Moss wrote. "This seems like a pro forma defense centered around the belief Trump will simply pardon him and Stone can then monetize his victim status further."

Formal federal prosecutor Ken White replied to Moss's post and said that Stone so far appears to be deploying a "chaos defense" that is designed to "raise a lot of issues and hope at least one juror latches on to one of them," which could then result in a hung jury.

"I hope he didn't pay too much for that defense," Moss replied.