Roger Stone’s health in question as prosecutors have him ‘dead to rights’: NBC reporter
Self-proclaimed dirty-trickster Roger Stone (screengrab)

Jurors deciding the fate of longtime Donald Trump political advisor Roger Stone did not reach a verdict during their deliberations on Thursday and will reconvene on Friday morning.

But there were fascinating details from the courtroom revealed by NBC News correspondent Ken Dilanian.

"What about Roger Stone, does he look like he’s about to burn here?" MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews asked. "Does he look like he’s going down?"

"He does," Dilanian replied.

"And also, physically, he doesn't look well at this trial. He’s walking around the courthouse kind of unaccompanied, shambling around," he continued. "He doesn't look like a happy warrior, which is usually his persona."

"That’s perhaps that's because the evidence, Chris, is overwhelming. He really doesn’t have much of a defense except, 'Oh, it doesn’t matter' or 'Don’t take Stone too seriously, he didn’t know what he was saying, he didn’t have criminal intent.' But the prosecutors have him dead to rights, they have documents that refute his testimony," Dilanian explained.

"But the most interesting part of this trial, Chris, is how the prosecutors made Donald Trump a character and they made clear -- even though they go to work every day with Donald Trump’s portrait on their wall -- they made clear what’s at issue in this trial is bad conduct by Donald Trump's campaign that Roger Stone lied to cover up. They said over and over again the reason Stone lied to the House Intelligence Committee is because the truth would look bad for his long-time associate Donald Trump."