'Siding with the crooks': Brutal CNN segment shows how Rudy Giuliani is 'cashing in' on Trump's presidency
Rudy Giuliani appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has taken on a greater role in shaping American foreign policy -- much to the dismay of many officials in the State Department.

A CNN segment that aired Monday tracked all of Giuliani's moves since being hired as President Donald Trump's personal lawyer and has found that he's used his position to secure business deals all over the world.

As CNN senior investigative correspondent Drew Griffin explained, Giuliani has been "cashing in" on Trump's presidency by seeking out meetings with foreign officials who believe they can get favors from the president by helping Giuliani's business dealings.

"His status as the president's private attorney has raised his stature and influence," he said. "A CNN review finds Giuliani has met or communicated with top government officials of at least seven countries since becoming Trump's attorney."

And these meetings aren't just pleasant meet-and-greets, Griffin said, but something far more lucrative.

"In almost every case, there is something else," he said. "The president's unpaid trusted adviser is seeking to cash in: Security contracts in Bahrain, hired in Uruguay, speaking fees in Armenia."

Additionally, Griffin found, Giuliani was paid to write a letter attacking an anti-corruption agency in Romania that busted Romanian-American real estate magnate Gabriel Popoviciu for taking part in a corrupt land deal.

"There was Mr. Giuliani basically siding with the crooks," said Sebastian Burduja of the National Liberal Party of Romania.

Watch the video below.