‘This is incredibly significant’: Legal expert says Roger Stone trial just revealed ‘real evidence’ against Trump
Roger Stone and Donald Trump

Former Trump campaign official Rick Gates on Tuesday testified that President Donald Trump told him in 2016 that more damaging information would soon come out about Hillary Clinton shortly after he got off the phone with Roger Stone, who at the time was trying to secure details of future WikiLeaks releases.

This testimony seems to contradict written testimony from President Donald Trump in which he said he had no recollection of ever discussing WikiLeaks with Roger Stone during the 2016 campaign.

Lawfare Institute general counsel Susan Hennessey writes on Twitter that Gates's testimony is "incredibly significant" and suggests that the president perjured himself in his written answers to the special counsel.

"People should resist the temptation to shrug this off as just confirmation of what we already knew," she says. "This is real evidence of serious criminal wrongdoing by the president."

Noting that Gates told the court that two Secret Service agents also witnessed the call between Stone and Trump, Hennessey says that this testimony could be much more than a simple "he-said-he-said" dispute.

"Not only does it demonstrate that Trump had advance knowledge of Wikileaks releases of hacked emails, it also shows additional witnesses who can confirm that the president gave false written answers to investigators in violation of the law," she writes.

The tough part in proving that the president perjured himself, however, is the fact that he wrote he simply did not recall any such interactions with Stone instead of outright denying that they ever happened.