'To the Supreme Court': Jay Sekulow admits Trump is almost out of options for withholding tax returns
Jay Sekulow appears on MSNBC (screen grab)

Jay Sekulow, an attorney for President Donald Trump, insisted on Monday that he would appeal to the Supreme Court after a lower court said that a grand jury can see the president's tax records.

In a ruling on Monday, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that the president's immunity from federal prosecution "does not bar the enforcement of a state grand jury subpoena."

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. is pursuing a case related to hush money that was paid to several women who allegedly had affairs with Trump.

"The decision of the Second Circuit will be taken to the Supreme Court. The issue raised in this case go to the heart of our Republic," Sekulow said in a statement on Monday. "The constitutional issues are significant."