Trump has been engaging in 'traitorous-like behavior' in the Oval Office: ex-White House official
President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. (Image via AFP/Saul Loeb.)

In an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday morning, former White House Communication head Anthony Scaramucci upped his attacks on his former boss, President Donald Trump, by accusing him of being a traitor.

The former White House official, who stepped down after 11 controversial days, has become a leading critic of the president and has been trying to whip up conservatives to drop the president as their candidate in the 2020 election.

After identifying the president's most avid defenders as a "cult," Scaramucci claimed the president needed to be ousted -- and not only over his quid pro quo conversation with Ukraine's president.

“I think it’s not just a Ukrainian call," he began. "There will be other elements of the story that unfold where people say wait a minute, there’s a combination of incompetence, there’s a combination of the destruction of the executive branch of the United States in addition to the lawlessness and traitorous-like behavior.”

And the mention of treason, host Stelter pulled the ex-administration official up short.

“Traitorous-like behavior?” Stelter pressed, to which Scaramucci shot back, "There’s no question."

“Strong word,” Stelter offered.

“What word would you use? You’re on the phone with the president of the Ukraine, and you’re strong-arming him to have him go after your political opponent?" the CNN guest explained. You’ve become a traitor of the Constitution and a traitor to the laws of the United States. Do you want to pretend that it’s not traitorous behavior?”

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