Trump is desperately cherry-picking portions of Sondland's testimony to ignore the bombshells: CNN correspondent
President Donald Trump. (AFP/File / Brendan Smialowski)

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins noted how President Donald Trump is desperately trying to focus on the narrow portions of E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland's testimony that put him in a good light — and ignoring the trove of damning new information against him.

"[Sondland] makes it clear, absolutely, totally discarding what the president and his allies are saying for weeks," said anchor Wolf Blitzer.

"What the White House [is] relying on, and what the president was reading from earlier, was the conversation where he had called the president to ask if there was a quid pro quo, and he said the president got angry and said there was not one and that he didn't want anything from Ukraine," said Collins. "What they are ignoring is what he started his testimony with today, that yes, in relation to the aid to the White House — to the White House call and the White House meeting, there was a quid pro quo. And we should note there has still been no White House meeting for the Ukrainian leader."

"So it is interesting how the White House and the Republican allies are picking certain parts of the testimony to focus on, but ignoring everything else he said, which is there was no secret, there was a pressure campaign, and the secretary of state was involved, and the Vice President, he discussed it with the chief of staff, the energy secretary, just encompassing everyone who surrounds the president," said Collins. "And so that is the question here. As the Republicans are saying, he didn't explicitly say it. But based on his other testimony, it didn't seem like he needed to."

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