Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani accuses Mike Pompeo’s State Department of obstruction of justice
Rudy Giuliani, photo by Gage Skidmore.

Keeping track of the Republican defenses of President Donald Trump got a little more difficult on Thursday when his private attorney appeared to throw his Secretary of State under the bus.

Rudy Giuliani suggested Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may have committed obstruction by refusing visas to three Ukrainians the former New York City mayor wants to testify about conspiracy theories.

"The embassy in Ukraine refuses to give visas for three witnesses, two present prosecutors and the former Prosecutor General, who have direct evidence of major Dem corruption in Ukraine in 2016," Giuliani argued.

"They will show how Embassy there did nothing to protect [Trump]. Obstruction?" Giuliani asked.

Legal analysts predicted that Trump underlings would begin to turn on each other as evidence mounted against the administration.