Trump shouts that Pelosi is ‘unhinged’ while departing DC to attend Ultimate Fighting Championship
President Donald Trump speaking to reporters on the White House lawn (screengrab)

President Donald Trump lashed out at the Speaker of the House of Representatives while leaving the White House to attend a Saturday night mixed martial arts fight in New York City.

"Nancy Pelosi has become unhinged," Trump argued. "There is something wrong with her."

"If you look at what’s happening, look at the poll numbers, the poll numbers in the swing states, they’re saying don’t do this. Don’t do it," Trump argued.

"I’m fine with it," Trump claimed, despite the large volume of his panicked tweets. "We did absolutely nothing wrong. We had a totally appropriate — I even say perfect conversation with the president of Ukraine. Everybody knows it."

"The Republicans have never been this unified. I’m at the highest level I’ve ever been at but the Republicans have never been this unified and this whole impeachment scam -- that is exactly what it is, it’s a scam," Trump claimed.

Trump is traveling to New York City for Ultimate Fighting Championship 244 at Madison Square Garden to watch the welterweight fight between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz.

It will mark his first visit to his hometown since The New York Times reported Trump had officially moved to Florida.

According to The Daily Beast, it may be "the only place in New York where Trump might avoid boos."

"Trump was loudly jeered while attending the baseball game last Sunday in Washington," the AP reported. "The president is expected to spend the night at Trump Tower and will still be in town when the New York City Marathon begins Sunday, potentially adding to traffic woes."