Washington Post bombshell documents how Trump fell for the conspiracy theory that caused impeachment
Composite image of President Donald Trump (screengrab) and his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort (mugshot)

On Saturday, The Washington Post published an explosive, 1,400-word story on President Donald Trump's views on Ukraine.

The report was headlined, "A presidential loathing for Ukraine is at the heart of the impeachment inquiry."

"In Trump’s mind, the officials said, Ukraine’s entire leadership had colluded with the Democrats to undermine his 2016 presidential campaign," The Post reported.

“They tried to take me down,” Trump told his aides, when asked to support Ukraine. “They are horrible, corrupt people."

Trump had come to believe right-wing conspiracy theories about Ukraine.

“We could never quite understand it,” a former senior White House official said. “There were accusations that they had somehow worked with the Clinton campaign. There were accusations they’d hurt him. He just hated Ukraine.”

“He kept saying it … wasn’t worth pissing off Russia and what a bad country Ukraine was,” the official explained.

Even White House officials viewed Trump's embrace of the conspiracy theory as irrational.

"In the end, most U.S. officials agreed that Trump’s anger with Ukraine, like many of his grievances, was connected with the 2016 election and his feeling that Ukraine was responsible for the humiliating fall of Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman. Trump’s hatred, they concluded, was ingrained, irrational and possibly irreversible," The Post explained.

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