WATCH: Footage resurfaces of Pompeo contradicting sworn testimony of former State Department aide

Details are emerging this Monday that give a glimpse into the latest closed-door testimony in the House impeachment inquiry against President Trump. As The Washington Post reports, the House has released full transcripts of the testimony from former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and former top State Department aide Michael McKinley -- both of whom resigned in protest from the Trump administration.

One notable detail came from McKinley, who said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's refusal to issue a statement of support for Yovanovitch after she faced attacks from Trump’s allies contributed to his decision to resign. According to McKinley, there was dismay throughout the State Department “that there was no reaction from anybody in the career Foreign Service at senior ranks to do something more public in support of our colleagues."

In his sworn testimony, McKinley said he had three conversations with Pompeo on the matter and was met with silence each time.

“And in presenting my resignation, I made clear that I was looking to leave the Department, I wasn’t looking to create any news story out of it, but that he should be aware that, of course, part of the reason, people were very aware that I was concerned about what I saw as the lack of public support for Department employees," McKinley testified.

In light of McKinley's testimony, CNN's Manu Raju shared a clip this Monday from October, showing Pompeo telling ABC's George Stephanopoulos that he "never heard" McKinley say a "single thing about his concerns."

"I never heard him say a single thing about his concerns with respect to the decision that was made," Pompeo told Stephanopoulos. "Not once, George, did Ambassador McKinley say something to me during that entire time period."