'What planet is he living on?' CNN laughs at Trump plan to read the Ukraine transcript in fireside chat with America

Reacting to an interview that Donald Trump gave to the Washington Examiner, where he floated the idea of reading the edited transcript of his phone call with Ukraine's president to Americans in an FDR-like "fireside chat," a CNN panel burst into laughter at the very prospect of how that would go over.

Speaking with hosts John Avlon and Alisyn Camerota, Washington Post reporter Rachael Bade marveled over the president even thinking that would help with forestalling impeachment.

After host Camerota called Trump's plan to do a "dramatic reading" of the transcript an " opportunity for Saturday Night Live, Bade couldn't hold back.

"I mean, what planet is he living on?" she asked incredulously. "That he thinks reading this transcript for the American people is going to help him in any way? There are a lot of Republicans who say the transcript is bad, and sure they're saying it is not impeachable but if he thinks this is a good defense and someone has to get to him and say 'we need have to have a chat here.'"

"There's another takeaway from the Washington Examiner story," she added. "He says he will not cooperate with the House investigation even though they have this vote and for weeks the White House and Republicans were pummellings [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and the Democrats saying this is a fraud, not a real impeachment, they have to have the vote, they have the vote, he is still not going to cooperate and he has this plan to read this transcript."

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