‪Fox News host offers bizarre defense of why Trump saying dead congressman is burning in hell isn't offensive
Fox News host Greg Gutfeld discusses Donald Trump on Dec. 22, 2015. (Media Matters)

On Thursday's edition of Fox News' "The Five," co-host Greg Gutfeld leapt to President Donald Trump's defense as his colleague Juan Williams criticized his decision to suggest the late Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) is "looking up" from hell.

"When he talks about John Dingell going to hell, I just — I don’t like it," said Williams.

"You haven't heard that joke before?" shot back Gutfeld.

"It's not a joke when you're talking about a dead man!" said Williams. "Going after dead people, John McCain, John Dingell—"

"Trump doesn't see live, dead, black, white, male, female," scoffed Gutfeld. "He insults everybody. We're into the fourth year of this, Juan!"

"He doesn't see women?" repeated Williams.

"He doesn't see anything you see!" laughed Gutfeld.

Watch below: