CNN's Chris Cuomo stuns Texas Republican after debunking Trump's Ukraine 'server' conspiracy theories
Image via CNN.

On Monday's edition of CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time," Chris Cuomo left Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) stunned after shutting down President Donald Trump's conspiracy theories about CrowdStrike being a Ukrainian company and Ukraine somehow having a Democratic Party server.

"You don't believe that there's a question as to whether or not Russia or Ukraine interfered in our election, right?" said Cuomo.

"Russia interfered in the election, they tried to," said Weber. "Secretary Jeh Johnson said there was no votes changed."

"Never said anything about votes," said Cuomo. "They hacked the DNC server. Nobody has ever suggested as a matter of fact that Ukraine had anything to do with that. The only person who has suggested it, in the ugliest of ironies, is Vladimir Putin. He made up a story about Ukraine wanting to go after Trump, and now members of your own party are parroting it."

"Was CrowdStrike involved in the DCCC hacking?" shot back Weber.

"Yes," said Cuomo.

"Is CrowdStrike in part owned by Ukraine?" said Weber.

"No," said Cuomo.

"Really?" said Weber, after a few seconds of stunned silence.

"Yes," said Cuomo.

"That's not the information that we have," said Weber.

"You have bad information," said Cuomo. "The man is American, born of Russian descent. He's not Ukrainian. Even if he were, that's what you're going to hang it on? Tom Bossert said that was a joke. You heard testimony from experts saying it was a joke. Mueller said it's not true. [Senate Intel chairman Richard] Burr said it's not true."

"What Trump is saying is, go back and let's look at all the was in on on the DCCC server and—"

"There was no server," cut in Cuomo. "They operated in a cloud system. There is no server to steal."

Watch below: