Duncan Hunter to plead guilty in corruption case -- after years of insisting charges were a 'witch hunt'
Duncan Hunter (Fox News/screen grab)

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) will change his "not guilty" plea in a federal courtroom on Tuesday morning, the San Diego Union Tribune reports.

According to the Union-Tribune, an announcement for a change of plea hearing was posted on the U.S. District Court docket on Monday, and Hunter's attorney tells Bloomberg News that his client plans to plead guilty.

Prosecutors have alleged that Hunter illegally misused campaign contributions to fund personal expenses, including carrying out "a series of intimate relationships” with women who were all involved in politics, including three registered lobbyists and one of his own staff members.

In all, prosecutors say that Hunter and his wife, Margaret Hunter, misused hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations and tried to cover it up by falsifying campaign records.

Although Hunter has long maintained that the charges against him were part of a "political witch hunt" being conducted by his enemies, the California congressman's legal situation has grown more precarious in recent months. This past summer, Margaret Hunter changed her own plea to "guilty" and seemingly started cooperating with investigators who were pursuing her husband on corruption charges.