Florida Republican complains impeachment hurts troops’ feelings
Rep. Greg Steube

A Republican lawmaker suggested that some impeachment evidence offered by Democrats had insulted military service members.

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) -- an Iraq War veteran whose combat record has fallen under question -- claimed that Democrats had disrespected the troops by showing a link between President Donald Trump's alleged extortion scheme and Ukrainian military deaths.

"The fact that members of this committee would insinuate the Ukrainians died because they didn't get aid is ridiculous," Steube said. "Having served in the combat theater and knowing what that is like, to blame that aid was delayed a few weeks would have saved lives is frankly insulting to me and all who have served."

"They want you to believe that Ukrainians died and it's Trump's fault," he added. "Members on the other side is talking about bribery and laying out a case and elements for bribery. If it was so compelling, why isn't it in the articles of impeachment? It's not. They didn't include it because there's no evidence for that charge. The aid was released, the Ukrainians didn't start any investigations. They also got a meeting with President Trump, and President Trump doesn't have to meet with foreign leaders."