George Conway dunks on Trump for citing Fox News contributor — when legal scholars think the opposite
Composite image of George Conway and President Donald Trump (screengrabs)

In a series of tweets this Tuesday, President Trump quoted a Fox News contributor and former senior staffer to George W. Bush, Brad Blakeman, who said that Trump should not undergo a Senate trial as a result of his impeachment.

“It’s my opinion as a lawyer that the Articles of Impeachment are defective on their face, which means I would like to see a Motion to Dismiss and have this dispersed without the necessity of a trial. I don’t think there should be a trial," the quote read, as cited by Trump. "I think it should be dismissed on 51 votes, which is procedural. You don’t need two thirds."

"A great lawyer & person," Trump wrote, praising Blakeman. "Thank you Brad!"

Trump's tweet caught the attention of one of his most vocal critics and husband to one of his top advisers, George Conway, who said that for every Brad Blakeman, there are at least "hundreds if not thousands" of lawyers who disagree with him.

"For every Brad Blakeman you’ve got, there are undoubtedly hundreds if not thousands of far better lawyers, who actually practice or teach law, who say your impeachment was well-founded. Too bad for you, @realDonaldTrump," Conway tweeted.

In a subsequent tweet, Conway linked to a Washington Post article that reported on an open letter signed by over 500 legal scholars who say that Trump committed “impeachable conduct” and that lawmakers would legally justified in moving to remove him from office.

In an appearance on Fox & Friends this Thursday, Blakeman argued that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision to withhold articles of impeachment from the Senate was because she has "no leverage."

“I think the longer she delays, the worse it gets for [Democrats] because remember their argument was, this president is such a danger he must be removed for the good of the republic,” Blakeman said on Thursday. “If [Pelosi] doesn’t want to bring the charges to the Senate, then, in fact, he hasn’t been impeached, because the impeachment process means that once the vote is taken in the House it must be filed in the Senate in order for the Senate to take up their responsibility.”