George Conway reveals 3 key questions for Trump witnesses singled out in bombshell NYT report
George Conway (Photo: Screen capture)

George Conway has some questions for his wife's White House colleagues about President Donald Trump's pressure scheme against Ukraine.

The conservative attorney and husband to White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway agreed that a New York Times report showing behind-the-scenes power struggles over Trump's campaign against Ukraine raised some important questions that should be answered by additional witness testimony.

"Very significant, indeed," Conway tweeted. "But so many questions remain. What exactly happened after the White House, and #IMPOTUS, learned about the whistleblower complaint? What did the criminal referral from the CIA (general counsel) say? And what discussions did the White House and the DOJ have about both?"

The Times report showed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Defense Secretary Mark Esper and former national security adviser John Bolton begged Trump to release Ukraine aid -- which undercuts Republican defenses about the president's role in the scheme.

But the White House has blocked their testimony, along with other key witnesses.