Giuliani henchman Lev Parnas had 5 iPhones and 2 iPads with evidence Congress needs for impeachment: report
Composite image of President Donald Trump (screengrab) and Lev Parnas (mugshot)

Lev Parnas, one of the associates of Rudy Giuliani arrested on federal charges, believes he has evidence that Congress needs for the impeachment inquiry, his lawyer told a judge on Monday.

"Just left an SDNY hearing for Lev Parnas the main actor in Giuliani’s Ukraine Squad. Most notable part: Parnas’ lawyer said the gov is in possession of several documents and electronic devices they want to give to Congress for the impeachment investigation," BuzzFeed's Ema O'Connor reported Monday.

"The gov has seized *a lot* of Parnas' devices. The list they gave: 6 devices at the time of arrest, including a Samsung device, iPad, 2 iPhones, cell phone. Then 8 more from his house: 3 more iPhones, Samsung galaxy phone, iMac, and iPad (no phone in court, may have missed 1)," she explained.

The evidence is not just in electronic form, but also includes hard copies of documents.

"Parnas' lawyer also said there were hard copy documents Parnas wanted to provide to Congress. The gov said they would be happy to scan them and make them available to Congress as well," O'Connor reported.

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