Giuliani's potential witness tampering in Ukraine is impossible to separate from Trump: Judiciary Democrat
Reza Zarrab defense attorney Rudy Giuliani, while campaigning for Donald Trump. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

On Thursday's edition of MSNBC's "The Beat," Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) broke down how Rudy Giuliani's misconduct in Ukraine is "inseparable" from President Donald Trump's.

"To everyone who asks whether we are moving too quickly, I say the president's lawyer is moving quickly to continue to ask a foreign government to cheat our elections, and doing nothing is completely off the table," said Swalwell, who sits on the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, the two most crucial committees in the impeachment inquiry. "We have to secure our elections. We have powerful, uncontradicted evidence now. And now is the time to hold the president accountable and determine just which impeachment articles we should proceed with."

"Take a look at part of what Giuliani is posting," said Melber. "'Schiff's impeachment is a FARCE. This evidence will all be released very soon,' he says, that supports his views. Interesting that he brings up evidence, since you well know he's been withholding participating and providing evidence with your committees. I've got to tell you, Congressman, I spoke to a very seasoned attorney today who said that it looks like potential witness tampering to have him over there talking to these people that are subjects of your probe."

"Well, we have seen from this president witness tampering, jury tampering, intimidation of witnesses. and so it's not surprising at all," said Swalwell. "But what we have to focus on, Ari, is that Rudy Giuliani is Donald Trump and Donald Trump is Rudy Giuliani. The president can throw many other people under the bus and distance themselves from them. He can't do that with Rudy Giuliani. We have evidence in the Intelligence Committee report that the president told anyone who is working on Ukraine, Rudy is my guy on Ukraine, and that Rudy Giuliani has represented the people, that he is the president's person on Ukraine. So, they're inseparable. So, if Rudy is to be held to account, that means the president has to be held to account."

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