GOP’s Louie Gohmert shredded for spewing out a ‘nonsense’ definition of crime  during impeachment hearing
Texas Republican Louie Gohmert (screengrab)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) insisted that President Donald Trump couldn't have committed a crime because Ukraine hadn't realized it was the victim of a shakedown scheme.

The Texas Republican, a former prosecutor and judge, claimed he had never sent anyone to prison without the victim realizing they had been the victim of a crime, and social media users swiftly fact-checked his claim -- which wasn't even an accurate assessment of the impeachment evidence.

"Having been a prosecutor, I've defended some cases, I've been a judge, i have sent a lot of people to prison," Gohmert said. "But I have never sent someone to prison where the victim didn't know or figure out that they were a victim. That's extraordinary to hear, that you can commit a crime like bribery or theft or -- and the victim never knows, never figures out there's a victim. I've never sent anybody to prison when the victim didn't know they were a victim."

Witnesses have testified that Ukrainian officials were concerned that military aid had been paused while Trump sought an investigation of his rival Joe Biden, and that package was released after the whistleblower complaint was reported to Congress.