'I will vote yes': Lone Utah Democratic congressman announces support for impeachment 'with a heavy heart'
Donald Trump (Screen Capture)

The only Democratic U.S. congressional representative in Utah said that he will vote in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump.

Rep. Ben McAdams made the announcement at a press conference on Monday, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

“My duty is to the Constitution, and to our country,” McAdams said in a statement made from the Murray City Hall. “What the president did was wrong. His actions warrant accountability. I cannot turn a blind eye there by condoning this president and future presidents Republican or Democrat, to do the same. The evidence for me is clear: The president abused the power of his office by demanding a foreign government perform a personal favor. He obstructed Congress and its constitutional duty of oversight by withholding certain documents and central witnesses.”

McAdams continued, “His actions weakened our country, and the checks and balances enshrined in our founding documents. I will vote yes, knowing full well the Senate will likely acquit the president in a display of partisan theater that Republicans and Democrats in Washington perform disturbingly well. Because of that, I know my vote will not remove the president from office. We must continue to work together as a Congress, and as a country. In 11 months, but people will ultimately decide president Trump’s fate— not me, or politicians in Washington.”

Read some of the reports from McAdams' press conference below.