'If Obama had done what Trump is accused of doing he would have been impeached long ago': Colorado Senator
Composite image. Photo of Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore and White House photo of Barack Obama by Pete Souza.

Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO) said during an MSNBC interview that he often plays a "game" where he asks "What if Barack Obama did it," to examine President Donald Trump's crimes.

His first example was Trump's decision to ask China to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden while on the White House lawn.

"We're two years into this presidency, and it's all about 'Nothing to see here,'" said Bennett of Trump's denials. "He gets accused of shaking down the Ukrainians, and he goes out to the driveway in front of the White House and shakes down the Chinese, you know, in front of all the television cameras as if to say, 'Just because I'm doing it in public must mean that it's okay.' You know, if this had been Barack Obama who had done what Donald Trump is accused of doing here, I can assure you he would have been impeached long ago."

Bennett is one of the senators who will vote on the impeachment rules and witnesses when the trial begins in the Senate. He explained that there are not the votes among Republicans willing to vote to remove the president. However, he doesn't believe that there is a 51-vote majority to call the Bidens and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to testify, as Trump wants.

"It is really important for us to go into this election relitigating what we want out of a president," Bennett continued. "The guy gets up every single day and lies to the American people. Look at what he's doing on this China trade stuff. He's kicked all of the important issues into, you know, phase two. He's predictably basically trying to declare a victory on farmers after, by the way, he sent $28 billion to farmers in this country to try to paper over the losses that he created, which is more than the auto bailout cost the American taxpayer. More than twice what the auto bailout cost."

He went on to say that this is the reason that he frequently asks the question, "what if it was Barack Obama."

"What if Barack Obama had done all this stuff?" Bennett continued. "I mean, he would have been run out of here years ago. That's not a reason to impeach Donald Trump, but a reason not to re-elect Donald Trump. I think we cannot take this for granted. This is going to be a tough, tough election cycle. Every week that goes by, I am convinced it will be tougher than I was a week ago, and it will be difficult for us to nominate somebody who can win purple states."

Watch Bennett's video below: