Internet flabbergasted after NBC's Chuck Todd named 'Media personality of the year': 'Is this a joke? Serious question'
Chuck Todd (NBC/screen grab)

An announcement from the Poynter Institute naming NBC's Chuck Todd the "media personality of the year" while calling his Meet the Press the "gold standard" was met with derision and laughter on the internet which has long hammered the NBC host for his failures to push back at guests making ridiculous assertions as well as his habit of not asking follow-up questions.

According to Poynter -- which describes its mission as helping "journalists sharpen skills and elevate storytelling throughout their careers" -- Todd's "excellent interview skills and accessible delivery make him THE voice when it comes to news in these politically divided times."

Not everyone agreed with that assessment by Poynter's Tom Jones.

Or as one commenter on Twitter succinctly put it: "Christ. Chuck Todd is horrible."

You can see a sampling of commentary on Chuck Todd's "gold standard" journalism skills below: