'It's bat-bleep-crazy': Nicolle Wallace flabbergasted by Trump 'again' trying to obstruct an investigation
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace was shocked by the idea that President Donald Trump would attempt to obstruct another investigation into the Ukraine scandal, after being outed for obstructing the investigation into the Russia scandal.

When speaking about the recent findings by the inspector general that the basis for the Russia investigation was legitimate, Wallace asked former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi where the intersection of obstruction meets a criminal act.

"Right, when does a president become a foreign threat by obstructing or because he's obstructing?" Figliuzzi clarified the question. "And so I think if -- if Heidi's reporting is accurate, we may be seeing an acknowledgment here that they have now bled together. That the foreign threat, a president who was saying 'Ukraine did all the hacking and social media propaganda,' for example, and having his GOP regurgitate the Putin line is actually obstructing in the worst possible way by repeating the mantra of a foreign intelligence service. "

An incredulous Wallace said that she "wants to use words you're not allowed to use on TV." She ultimately settled on calling it "bat-bleep-crazy" that Americans are back again looking at the president's attempts to obstruct an investigation into his crimes.

"We were having this conversation about moving the goalposts, right?" asked Professor Jason Johnson. "This is not just moving the goalposts. The goalposts are now, like, in the parking lot with the tailgaters, right? That's what we thought they were going to do. But what we've seen from that press conference of the president right now is they're just going to lie. It's not an issue of, 'we're going to change the standard by which we're going to go,' because it would have made sense for the president to say, 'Well, we're waiting for the better report from Durham.' No, they're just going to lie. Like, who do you believe? Your lying eyes or what I'm telling you."

Watch the panel discussion below: