Jeffrey Toobin goes off on Jonathan Turley for 'extraordinary position' of ignoring Trump's obstruction
Jeffrey Toobin appears on a CNN panel (screen grab)

CNN contributor Jeffrey Toobin unleashed criticism on Jonathan Turley on Wednesday after the George Washington University law professor testified against the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Following Turley's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, CNN host Jake Tapper noted that Republicans had given the witness all of their time, which he used to opine against impeachment.

"What I thought was interesting about Professor Turley's testimony was his confidence that there was not enough evidence yet," Toobin pointed out, "that the Democrats are rushing this process, that they should get more evidence if they want to do something as profound as impeaching a president."

"What I thought was missing," the CNN analyst continued, "from his testimony was any acknowledgment at all that the Democrats have tried to get a lot of this evidence, that they have subpoenaed witnesses, that they have sought documents, they have sought emails, and they have not been denied piecemeal... they have been told, you can have nothing."

Toobin observed that the White House's level of obstruction is "unprecedented" in American history.

"The idea that you can stonewall about every single piece of evidence and then have it held against you as Congress, that you haven't gotten enough evidence, is really a pretty extraordinary position," Toobin concluded.

Watch the video below from CNN.