John Bolton leveled for running to Axios to bash Trump -- but refusing to testify in impeachment trial
John Bolton appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Appearing on CNN on Christmas morning to discuss the coming impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, former prosecutor Elie Honig said it was time for former national security adviser John Bolton to finally come for forward and tell what he knows about the president.

Noting that the Bolton sat down with Axios to discuss the president's dealings with North Korea, Honig says he needs to do more.

Speaking with "New Day" fill-in host Alison Kosick, Honig was asked about what Bolton has to offer.

"Former national security adviser John Bolton sat down with Axios earlier this week bashing the stance on North Korea," Kosick began. "What do you think? What message does this send?"

"It certainly tells us that John Bolton is not toeing the party line here," Honig replied. "Obviously he's left the administration, but Bolton is the most important potential witness out there. We know from the witness testimony from one of the witnesses who testified in the House, Tim Morrison, that John Bolton had a one-on-one conversation with Donald Trump trying to convince Trump to release the [Ukraine] aid."

"We don't know exactly what was said and what happened during that meeting." he continued. "John Bolton knows. We know when Bolton came out, he said -- he meaning trump -- he's not ready yet. That's a crucial conversation. Really there's only two people who can tell us what happened there: Donald Trump, who I would not count on ever testifying and John Bolton."

"Bolton needs to get serious here," he added. "Enough with the book deals, enough with the Twitter. If he has something to say and he clearly does, let's get him under oath and hear what he has to say, for better or worse for Republicans, for Democrats, whoever it may help or hurt -- let's get some truth here."

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