'Like a written version of a Trump rally': Trump mercilessly mocked for sending Pelosi 'unhinged' 6-page letter
Donald Trump signaling craziness of protesters (Photo: Screen capture)

"Good work, President Crayons!"

President Donald Trump has just sent Speaker Nancy Pelosi a six page letter attacking her for moving forward with impeaching him, less than one day before the House of Representatives will vote to impeach and remove him from office.

The letter is being described by the press as "rambling" but being mocked on social media as "unhinged," and "like a writter version of a Trump rally."

Some political observers say the letter reads as if Trump wrote it himself.

Others say it sounds like top Trump advisor, white nationalist Stephen Miller, wrote it:

In it, Trump makes ludicrous claims, like, "More due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials," as Politico noted.

CNN's top Trump fact-checker weighs in:

Editor/chief writer of the Washington Post's "Fact Checker":

Here are some other responses to the President's missive.