McConnell shredded for lying about 'impeachment obsession' slowing Senate's work

Democrats have called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's hypocrisy on a stalled legislative agenda.

The Kentucky Republican accuses the Democratic minority of holding up legislation and failing to do their jobs as the House conducts impeachment hearings, and taunted them to help him pass GOP-backed bills, reported Newsweek.

"It is past time to get serious and pass these key bills," McConnell said. "(They're) blocking funding for our armed forces and delaying the [National Defense Authorization Act], a must-pass bill for our troops."

But Democrats are flooding the majority leader's Twitter feed with reminders that he has failed to bring to a vote hundreds of bills passed by the Democratic House majority.

McConnell's Democratic challenger Amy McGrath was among the critics who called out the GOP leader's hypocrisy.