Mike Flynn was hoping the IG report would help his attacks on the DOJ and FBI
Michael Flynn (YouTube)

A federal judge has just denied former Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn's request, and instead has scheduled his sentencing for next month. Flynn plead guilty in December of 2017, but recently filed a motion to have federal prosecutors found in contempt, after claiming entrapment.

“The sworn statements of Mr. Flynn and his former counsel belie his new claims of innocence and his new assertions that he was pressured into pleading guilty to making materially false statements to the FBI,” U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan wrote, The Washington Post reports.

Flynn had been hoping to use the findings in the Dept. of Justice's Inspector General report as the basis for his claim "that he was misled into unwittingly plead guilty to charges."

Instead, Judge Sullivan "wrote that it was undisputed that Flynn told the same lies to the FBI, Vice President Pence, and senior White House officials, who repeated them to the American public, leading to his firing in Feb. 2017."

Flynn, a retired United States Army Lieutenant General, former Trump official, and a convicted felon, will be sentenced January 28, 2020. That is almost exactly three years to the day former acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates informed then-White House Counsel Don McGahn Flynn was compromised. Just days later President Donald Trump fired her, after she refused to defend the president's Muslim ban.

Here's Flynn during the 2016 campaign attacking Hillary Clinton, "Lock her up!"