Mike Huckabee to tell Sean Hannity why Trump is ‘eligible for a 3rd term’ as president of the United States

In a tweet this Thursday, former Arkansas governor and current Fox News host Mike Huckabee raised a few eyebrows announcing an upcoming appearance on Sean Hannity's show, where he said he'll be explaining why President Trump is "eligible for a 3rd term."

"I'll be on @seanhannity 2nite @FoxNews at 9pm ET and will explain how @realDonaldTrump will be eligible for a 3rd term due to the illegal attempts by Comey, Dems, and media , et al attempting to oust him as @POTUS so that's why I was named to head up the 2024 re-election," Huckabee tweeted.

There's no indication that a "2024 re-election" effort even exists, so it's not clear if Huckabee is being serious or not. Either way, his tweet unsurprisingly was the subject of mockery in the comment thread that opened up beneath it.